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The Children's Development Village (CDV) ...

Is a home for orphans, children with a very poor background or even those children threatened by voilence at home.
It is actually run by the Life and Hope Association, a charity in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which currently takes care of
6 interconnected projects. This Association is run by Buddhist monks.

The CDV offers sozial disadvantaged children ...

In 7 wooden houses, a main building and a refectory a safe home which is like a loving family.

House mothers educate the children in basic areas like washing clothes, cooking, hygiene, the older ones also in
cultivating fruits and vegetables.

Three meals a day together like a family.

Lessons in English, Khmer, music and dance

Sports and the chance to play together

Attendance at the nearby primary school and the chance to continue to the Junior High School.



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