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How you can help...

Project sponsors: With 30 Euro per month you can support the project as a whole.
Godparenthood: With 25 Euro per month you can support a child and develop a personal relationship.
We can assist you here.

Single donation: You can make a one-off-donation, or provide dedicated support.

All donations are passed directly to CDV without any deductions of administration costs, and can be claimed
against tax. Everyone working for our Charity is an unpaid volunteer.

Our bank account number is on page „contact, partners“

We need your financial support...

for the monthly fixed costs for food, clothing and medicin.

the saleries of all members of the stuff and all teachers

the improvement of the fruit- and vegetable gardens

the improvement of the medical care of the children

to finance the change of the older children to a further education
after Junior High School

Kinder beim lernen
Chance for children in Cambodia n.e.V.