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Chance for children in Cambodia n.e.V.– About us

Five of us founded the Charity to support the CDV. Before this we had already actively supported the nearby Junior High which gave us an insight into the terrible poverty prevailing there and also convinced us of the need to help these children.

When we heard that the CDV was having acute financial problems in 2009, it became clear that we wanted to do all we could to support this project.

May we introduce ourselves:

Astrid Fischer-Leitl, 1. Vorsitzende, Diplom Geographin/Kartographin

Rudolf Leitl, 2. Vorsitzender, Immobilienkaufmann

Sabine Lampe, Diplom Graphik-Designerin

Elisabeth Bernard, Sozialpädagogin

Patricia Leitl, Studentin

Chance für Kinder in Kambodscha n.e.V., Daiserstr.51, 81371 München

spielende Kinder
Kinder Mädchen, Jungen
Astrid Rudi Somnieng